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Hire us to draft and manage your team and if you don’t reach the playoffs (or top half of your league) you get your MONEY BACK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We draft based on your league’s settings vs. talent available with consideration towards risk.

Working the waiver wires on a weekly basis is KEY to success. Also, start-sit optimization is very important.

We’ll decide which free agents you should target and submit waiver claims for those players before the deadline. We’ll also make sure your lineup is set before all games start.

Anyone can claim to be an expert, the way we prove it is through our money back guarantee.  If we weren’t good at what we do, we wouldn’t make any money doing it since we would constantly be refunding our customers.  We bet on ourselves so you can too.

No!  We have a 100% discretion policy.    We don’t talk in the draft room, when responding to trades, on the  message board, etc.  Everyone will think its you dominating your league.

Yes! Last season I was approached for three different research projects and I really enjoyed working on them.

Like hiring a financial advisor for your personal investments, you can try figuring it out on your own by going online and listening to your friends and family. But more often than not, you’ve been burned time after time by doing it on your own. Perhaps you’re tired of coming in last and being the laughingstock of your league. Or maybe you’re constantly finishing in the middle pack of your league and finally want to get over the hump. Or possibly you were dragged into a work league and don’t have the time to draft or manage your team on a weekly. That’s where our expects can help.

Hire us to draft and manage your team and if you don’t reach the playoffs (or top half of your league) you get your MONEY BACK.​

Certain sites allow multiple users to be logged into the draft room on the same account, others do not (Yahoo, ESPN).  If you want to watch us draft we can share our screen using various free software options.

We have two options with a live draft.  We can either provide you with custom pre-draft rankings and a consultation prior to your draft or you can share your screen during the (If laptops are allowed) and we can communicate through the computer.

Yes! We have dedicated experts who participate in multiple dynasty leagues each year, including Superflex.


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