We are obsessive and we don’t just take this seriously, we take it personally. Our reputation is on the line each time someone hires us and we want to win every time. Winning is everything in fantasy sports – we are very aware of that. No matter what happens (1st pick breaks his leg, etc.), we know our clients expect us to win. We do our very best to make this happen through researching, grinding, making timely moves, and leveraging the information at hand to make our moves have a better percentage chance of being correct. Trust the process.



Patrick has played competitive fantasy football for 12 years in every major season long format there is. In 2017, he made the playoffs with 1st or 2nd seed in 8 of 12 leagues, netting 4 finals appearances and 3 league championships.  Patrick is a fantasy football addict who combines his experience as well as insights from fantasy experts across the web to push past the competition. Patrick also participates in dozens of draft simulations throughout the preseason to make sure he knows the fantasy player market for every draft.


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Chris is a huge sports fanatic and has competitively played and won countless fantasy football, basketball, baseball and hockey leagues for well over a decade. He currently boasts a Yahoo! manager level/rating of ‘Diamond’ (the best at the 99th Percentile) in fantasy basketball and ‘Platinum’ (the 98th Percentile) in fantasy football. He spends his free time pouring over the numbers, reading and listening to fellow fantasy experts and studying game film. Along with the rest of the team, Chris has access to advanced metrics and insider information that is only available with paid subscriptions. With all of this collective knowledge, Chris has one goal in mind – to help you win your league.

17589 (1)Troy has been participating in fantasy baseball for over 15 years. In 2017, Troy was a 7x regular season champion and a 2x league champion. He is set to start year 11 in one of his multiple fantasy keeper leagues. He has experience in all drafts types such as Roto, Keeper, and Dynasty. Troy has extensive knowledge of both MLB veterans and players yet to make their debut. Growing up he played baseball and watched his favorite team the Boston Red Sox. His love and dedication to baseball eventually awarded him with a 4 year scholarship to the University of Bridgeport where he pitched for four years. Following his junior year in college he was invited to a try out by the Tampa Bay Rays.